Life's most intense moments happen in the dark.

Death. Love. Magick.
A vampyr cortège, Three spell casters, a knight, and a single Veil Key all collide on the deadly streets of a shadow shrouded San Francisco.

Death. Love. Magick.
Hautdesert stands apart, a servant of the Circle, but outside the ring. When a knight goes missing in a nightmare cityscape haunted by ghosts of his past, Dante Grimm, the Merlin, sends his one right hand.

Death. Love. Magick.
The Veil is thin in the city by the bay, and things stalk its gloom benighted underbelly. Things with claws and fangs, things with fractured of souls, things in the thrall of dark pacts. And the most dangerous things of all…ex-lovers.

Arthurian myth meets urban fantasy in this thrilling new series from Rowan Casey!

Publisher: Harbinger Books
Cover Artists:

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